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    Can someone take a look at the pilot script?


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    Can someone take a look at the pilot script? Empty Can someone take a look at the pilot script?

    Post by megawam on Thu Jul 09, 2015 12:06 pm

    Ok so this is my first time trying to write a script for a fanime. It is based off the True Lives of The Fabulos Killjoys comic book. It's still under edit so bare with me.

    Scene One

    The episode begins with a completely Black screen
    Voice: One, Two, Three.

    The screen now shows a dark haired woman running through the streets of an unknown city which is on fire. The audience can hear the girl panting as she runs. You can hear people screaming in the background but the camera never moves from the girl

    Voice: Four, Five, Six, Seven.

    A group of BL/ind cars draw up and an Exterminator and Dracs step out causing The Girl to stop in her tracks. He at first seems happy and relieved to see them.

    Voice: Eight, Nine, Ten.

    The Exterminator only looks at her with a cold expression. This causes her relived face to falter.

    Voice: Eleven, Twelve.

    The Exterminator raises his gun.

    Voice: Thirteen

    He begins firing at her and the Dracs follow suit she turns and begins running in the opposite direction,

    Voice: Fourteen, Fifteen, sixteen

    one of the shots hits her in the leg, she continues attempting to run limping slightly as she does.

    Voice: Seventeen

    An explosion occurs revealing the sequence to be a dream.

    Scene Two

    Six is lying in a white sleep/body bag she is at first gasping and it's clearly distressed but, realising it was only a dream calms down. She lies still for a few seconds listening to the sound of someone attempting to fund a radio, the noise is intruded by a cough. She sighs and unzips the bag revealing the dessert around her. The sun is Hight in the sky showing it is early afternoon. Trigger Happy is sitting in front of the ashes of what had once been a small fire facing towards Six. Adjacent to her is a white car covered in graffiti. Overdose is working on the car, she hasn't noticed Six. Trigger Happy are trying to tune a small radio. They looks up when they see Six has woken up.

    TH: Bout time.

    Six rubs her eyes as she speaks

    S: Shut up.

    TH: I can't believe you can sleep in this heat.

    Trigger Happy looks upwards at the sun as they speak, shielding their eyes with the back of their hand.

    S: It's your own fault for wearing that thing.

    She motions towards Triggers outfit.

    TH: At least my mask covers my face.

    Six picks up up her jacket which she'd be using for a pillow and slinks it over her shoulders.

    S: There's no point, they already know who I am.

    She takes a strip of cloth that she had torn off the jacket to use as a mask, she ties it round her. head.

    TH: True, (They cough again)

    The static on the radio clears slightly and you can hear muffled voices.

    S: We got any breakfast?

    TH: You would have, about three hours ago.

    Six groans and falls back into her sleeping bag.

    S: You bitch.

    TH: hey don't look at me, Dose was the one who ate the last can.

    Trigger Happy turns their head away and coughs into their hand, they wipe their hand on their pants out of frame. Six pushes herself back up onto her elbows,her eyebrows knitted together.

    S: Hey, you ok?

    TH: Hm? Yeah I'm fine, just the sand.

    S: You sure, we've got a couple meds left don't we?

    TH: Don't worry I'm fine, I promise.

    Six looks skeptical and opens her mouth like she's about to say something but the radio interrupts. The radio is about a quarter of the way through F.T.W.W.W. This finally gets Overdose's attention.

    As Overdose and Six talk they are clearly becoming more annoyed with one another.

    O: Hey you finally got that pice of junk working.

    S: Hey Dose, why'd you take my can?

    O: Same reason you took my beer, it took me months to earn enough for that.

    Six: You shouldn't have had it anyway, your too young to drink.

    O: Oh don't give me that shit, you sound like BLI.

    S: Not everything they say is a lie, just most of it.

    O: Whatever, you shouldn't be drinking either, the last thing we need is you drunk with a grenade.

    S: You act like I'm the zone drunk or something.

    O: Your words, not mine.

    TH: So, how's the car doing?

    Overdoes looks over at Trigger Happy, dropping her angry expression.

    O: We need new batteries for the car.

    TH: Can we make it back to Zone One?

    O: (Shakes head.) We have enough to make it to the market.

    S: Fuck.(Flops back onto sleeping bag)

    TH: I know, but we need them.

    Trigger Happy offers her hand to Six to help her up.

    TH: Come on, let's go.

    The three pack up their sleeping bags and move towards the car. Trigger opens the boot of the car and they put their sleeping bags away. Trigger grabs a small bag opening it and taking out a small bottle.

    TH: Six. (Tosses bottle.)

    Six catches the bottle and cracks it open, taking a long drink.

    S: Thanks, you're a lifesaver.

    The three get into the car. Six is driving, Overdoes has the front passenger seat and Trigger Happy has the back seat. Trigger has the radio on their lap. The radio is still playing music.

    Six: Turn that up, if we have to deal with The Barters I'm at least gonna enjoy the drive.

    Trigger Happy turns up the radio which is still playing music. The group drive down the road, towards the marketplace. The music stops on the radio and Dr. Death Defying comes on the radio waves.

    D: Tumbleweeds and Motorbabies, Black and Whites and Neon Brights. You're here with me, good old Dr. D and you're listening to 109 and this is the traffic. Those in Zones Six though Four, things are looking clear but don't get too cosy, a squad of Exterminators and Dracs are forming in Zone One moving east. Those in Zones One through Three best keep ya masks on good and tight and keep ya blasters close, and now, some music from our near, dear friends, The Fabulous Killjoys.

    Bulletproof Heart begins to play. This causes Overdoes to have a brief flashback to having four silhouettes of four figures looking over her in a first person perspective.

    S: Ha, Dracs, in Zone Two? Must be Thursd-.

    O: Shut that off!

    Both Six and Overdoes look confused for a few seconds before they regain their senses.

    TH: Uh, Right, sorry Dose. (They turn off the radio.)

    O: No, it's fine I, I just have a headache is all.

    Scene Three

    The group continue to drive. There is a shot establishing that it has gone from early to late afternoon. The camera is focused on Overdose, she have their head resting on the window and a slight reflection can be seen. Their eyes partly close but they shake their head to wake themselves up. Their eyes focus and they turn their head away from the window before suddenly turning it back and gasping.

    O: Shit, Six Stop the car, we got two Black and Whites, ten o'clock.

    The camera moves over to show two people sitting with their backs to one another. Two Dracloids flank either side, a third is standing in front of one of the figure. Six brings the car to a stop, Trigger Happy has a serious expression on their face.

    TH: Six, I'll get out here, they haven't noticed us yet, I'll move round East, you distract them best you can. I'll sneak round and get them by surprise, try and take out that one with mask first, last thing we need is another Drac running around.

    Six nods and Trigger gets out of car moving away from them.

    S: (Takes a swig from her drink) Turn the radio back on, we need to make an entrance.

    Overdose reaches into the backseat turns the radio back on and turns the volume up as Six slams on the Excelerator, bringing the car to a stop just in front of the Dracs. Quickly jumping out of the car, pistols drawn. The Dracs look up at the two, dazed for a few seconds.

    S: Well, lookie here Overdose, we got ourselves a party.

    The Dracs pull their guns and begin firing. The two dodge quickly around the blasts.

    O: Haha straight down to business, just how we like it.

    Overdose manages to land a shot on the arm of the Dracloid holding the mask, forcing him to drop it. The second Dracloid fires two shots at Overdose. She doges the first but the second hits her left shoulder. She lets out a hiss of pain but doesn't drop her gun. She in turn fires at the Dracloid, hitting him in the head, killing him.

    S: Fuck Dose, you ok their?

    O: Yeah. (Pauses and smiles.) Tis but a flesh wound.

    The two laugh, they continue to fire back at the Dracloids. Managing to kill the second Dracloid. The third manages to hit Six in the hand, causing her to drop her gun. Overdoes attempts to fire back but the pain in her shoulder makes it hard for her to line up the shot. Suddenly the sound of a laser pistol being fired rings out and the Dracloid falls down dead revealing Trigger Happy, gun raised.

    S: Fuck, Trigger, thought you'd taken off. (She grins at her, rubbing her hand.)

    TH: Sorry, I couldn't get a clear shot, this isn't exactly a snipper riffle. How's your hand?

    S: Just numb, stunners this time, thank Destroya.

    Trigger moves over to the two people on the ground, they are tied up together with rope by the wrists with black rope. The two, both males. have wide eyes.

    TH: Are you alright?

    Prisoner One just stares mouth hanging open slightly.

    TH: Hey, hey are you injured? (Waves hand in front of his face)

    Prisoner One: Uh, no, I don't think so.

    TH: What about you?

    Prisoner Two shakes his head.

    TH: Good.

    Trigger pulls her knife from her belt and cuts the rope around their wrists and helps to lift them to their feet, Trigger moves over to the Dracloids bodies.

    Prisoner One: Th-thank you for saving us.

    S: No worries.

    Trigger Happy picks up two of the Dracloids guns.

    TH: Here, this won't kill anyone but they fucking hurt so be careful, to fire it you just squeeze the trigger, don't pull it, squeeze it.

    The prisoners nods.
    TH: (Turns on the safety.) When this is on you can't fire. (Squeezes the trigger twice showing it doesn't fire.) Make sure it's off only when you need it.

    Prisoner Two: Um, right.

    Trigger Happy offers the two a gun each.

    Prisoner Two: Um, who are you exactly?

    S: Ha, surely you've heard of us, I'm Six, the cause of the fires of 2012! (Moves into a mock heroic pose.)

    O: Yeah, yeah flaunt it around why don't you. (Waves her hand as she talks.

    S: Ooh jealous are you?

    O: Ha ha sure, whatever helps you sleep at night.

    S: Oh come on, You can't tell me you're not just the tiniest bit jealous.

    Prisoner Two: I think I saw you in one of my daughters textbooks.

    Six looks over with a triumphant expression.

    Prisoner Two: It said you were a terrorist.

    S: You flatter me. (Bows mockingly)

    TH: You have a daughter?

    Prisoner Two: Rachel.

    TH: And she didn't come with you.

    Prisoner Two: (Shakes head.) She doesn't, she doesn't live with me anymore.

    TH: (Nods.) What about you? (Looks over at Prisoner One.)

    He just shakes his head in response.

    TH: We can take you guys to the market, you should be alright from there.

    The two nod

    The group move towards the car.

    Scene three

    The group arrives at an old warehouse that has been converted into a marketplace, several people have stalls set up on wooden creates, milk crests and cardboard boxes. Some of them are covered with cloth. Each has a collection of random crap on the table.
    TH: (To Prisoner One and Two.) You lot should be fine from here. Try and get some food and some real guns, don't worry about masks unless you plan on making any stands on BLI directly, understand?

    Both Prisoners nod.

    S: And try and think of some new names, you aren't in Kansas anymore.

    Prisoner One: Thank you, thanks for helping us.

    O: No problem. (Takes a small sack from her belt and tosses it to Prisoner Two.) That should be enough to get you started.

    Prisoner Two: Thank you.

    O: It's no problem, really. Zone Runners look out for each other.

    Prisoner Two smiles at six, the two move away from the three. Once they are a decent ways away Six's smile drops.

    S: Did you have give them that much?

    O: You saying I shouldn't have give them any?

    S: No I'm saying you should have left us enough to fix the car.

    TH: Well We'll just have to hope The Barters are having a very nice day now let's go.

    Trigger Happy moves into the market, Overdoes and Six follow behind.

    The group move through the market trying to find batteries. Overdose's eyes rest on a small plastic figure of a man in a motorcycle helmet she pauses, picking up the figure. Trigger and Six continue walking.

    O: How much? (Holds out figure.)

    The shopkeeper looks over at the figure.

    Shopkeeper: 10 Carbos

    Overdoes frowns, turning the figure over, looking at the Better Living Industries logo stamped on the bottom.

    S:Dose, come on.

    O: (Puts down the figure.) Right, coming. (Walks away)

    The group continues walking until they come across a stall that is covered in a white stained cloth and is laid with parts of electrical equipment including car batteries. Third Burns standing behind it is tall and thin wearing a black jacket with white stripes. He has ginger hair and a beard to match.

    S: How much for two batteries?

    Third Burns looks her up and down.

    TB: Sixty.

    S: How's forty?

    Third Burns shakes his head.

    S: Forty five, no higher.

    TB: Can't do it sweetheart.

    O: Come on man we've gotta eat.

    TB: Yeah I've got depts too.

    S: Tell ya what. (Reaches into her pocket.) Forty five Carbos and this.

    She takes out a small hand grenade, holding it by the pin with her thumb and forefinger. The grenade is orange with a yellow twelve painted on the side.

    S: How's that for a deal, sweetheart.

    The man raises his eyebrow looking at the grenade.

    TB: That what I think it is?

    A smug smile forms on Sixes face.

    S: Sure is, one of my own.

    TB: Really? (He pauses, a smile forming on his own lips.) Sorry, no deal, anyone with a grenade and some paint can make one of those.

    Six glares at him, slipping the grenade back into her pocket.

    TDB: Tell you what though, I'll give you two batteries, fully charged for twenty carbos.

    O: I'm sensing an "If" at the end of that.

    TB: (He nods) If you do a little something for me.

    S: Cut to the chase.

    TB: Look, you heard of Neon Flare?

    TH: He's with Mad Gear right?

    TB: Yeah, well it just so happens I owe him, I figure giving him some body guards. Free of charge I won't owe him anymore, understand?

    TH: Sorry we can't just hire ourselves out for free.

    TB: No no, I'm not saying permanently. They have a performance in Zone Six three days from now. You get the two and from the concert safely, pay me the Carbs and the batteries are yours. That sound fair?

    O:We get the batteries and a free concert, he-.

    TH: Sorry, no deal.

    O: What? Oh come on Trig.

    S: Triggers right, say something happens and we get into a clap with some Scarecrows. Even if we survive we'd be down more ammo than it's worth.

    TB: Hm, you drive a hard bargain. (Strokes his beard.) tell you what, any ammo used to protect Mad, Neon, or Missile I'll replace.

    TH: Only used to protect them?

    TB: I feel we'd both be making a fair trade that way.

    TH: Alright, we have a deal.

    Burns smiles and picks up an old plastic analog watch.

    TB:Here. (Points to clock as he talks.) When the small hand lands on the seven at night you need to meet me in Zone Six at the old stadium.

    S: You still want that grenade? Cause I can give it to ya for free, I'll keep the pin though.

    TB: (Laughs) three days, Zone six, don't forget alright.

    End credits

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