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    What's Up Cheeriko: VOICE ACTORS NEED


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    What's Up Cheeriko: VOICE ACTORS NEED Empty What's Up Cheeriko: VOICE ACTORS NEED

    Post by BanaPanties on Sat Jan 11, 2014 6:03 am

    The anime series will take a while to make so be patient.
    I'm expecting 3 months.
    To enter reply with your audition.
    When I hit enough auditions I will close the audition contest and announce the winners. If you win I will tell you the full plot, give you updates to it's progress, and you will have your name in the intro or credits!
    Cheeriko: (Female)
    "It's no big deal, really! My contact lens just fell out!"
    "Hey! I'm no deus ex machina that just waltzes in and kills everything!"
    Rein: (Female)
    "I'm an angel."
    "My only purpose is to hunt and kill demons."
    "Friends? What are those?"
    Deren: (Male)
    "Yeah, I know pretty much EVERYTHING about demons."
    "Hey Cheeriko, wanna see my sword?"
    "Demons exist! I saw one!"
    **The anime will premiere on youtube**
    Cheeriko: OPEN
    Rein: OPEN
    Deren: OPEN
    Background Characters:
    Rein's Boss: OPEN
    Devina: OPEN
    Cheeriko's Dad: OPEN
    Marcy: OPEN
    Lola: OPEN
    Tivi: OPEN
    Hian: OPEN
    Hephatia: OPEN

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