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    Wander to Leshy


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    Wander to Leshy  Empty Wander to Leshy

    Post by cassiroll on Sun Apr 13, 2014 5:05 pm

    "Wander to Leshy" is a project I'm working on to further my animation skills (as my other show Project: Unknown was started just to get better at art in general). It deals with a lot of controversial and uncomfortable topics (well...I hope they aren't, but based on reactions I've had I guess I should be informative), mostly about orientation. Those aren't the main plot points though and aren't intentional. I just thought I'd give a bit of a warning (even though I hate doing that since I don't find orientation to be something to warn about, I hate upsetting people and getting violent reactions too). Anyways, here's a mini summary:

    "Wander to Leshy" is an upcoming fanime centered on the strange events surrounding the mysterious town of Leshy, a place that can only be reached on a one way bus. It focuses on many different characters and plot lines that all mix and intermingle. There are 'main' characters, but they are not solo in their spotlight. If I get far enough, each season will have a new 'main' cast, as well as returning characters and new focus on minor ones.

    Here are some of the characters I've created so far:

    Wander to Leshy  Tumblr_n3scmjdY9c1txq3juo1_500

    "Amun", who is poly.
    His role is too confusing to try and explain.

    Wander to Leshy  Tumblr_n3qyl1dcCB1txq3juo1_500

    "Thea Lancaster", an asexual character who is insecure about who she is. She tries a lot to please others despite losing her own happiness in the process. She worries a lot what others think of her.

    Wander to Leshy  Tumblr_n32osrs9DB1rawv31o1_500

    "Bagi Ester", another asexual character and the 'main' for the first story arc---that is, the major plot line revolves around her. She's one of the youngest so far at 16. (sorry for coloring mistakes with her ^^Wink.

    Wander to Leshy  Tumblr_n369ofFcpW1rawv31o1_500

    "Vucari Kasper", bisexual.
    He's rather mysterious. Always seems to know more then he let's on. And he's a terrible flirt.


    Based on feedback from another forum I posted on, I hope this is received okay;;

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    Wander to Leshy  Empty Re: Wander to Leshy

    Post by SugarSprinkle on Tue Apr 15, 2014 10:31 pm

    oooh! interesting. im very much liking the designs ...(and vucari is cute >w>) this also remind me of cloud atlas,you know,swithing characters n such!

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