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    Future Agents the Movie


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    Future Agents the Movie Empty Future Agents the Movie

    Post by Pilot-Obvious on Sun Jun 01, 2014 11:40 pm

    Future Agents the Movie Tumblr_static_futureagentlogothingyeah

        Hi, I'm Pilot-Obvious. Maybe a couple of you will recognize my project if you remember the olden days of the fanime community. (My name has since changed.) My project has definitely been revamped, I'll say that. Basically, it started out as a series. It was pretty poorly written and kind of stereotypical. I left the community for awhile, then decided I couldn't give up this project, so I turned it into a movie and gave it a ginormous plot change.

        The movie's main focus is centered around the re-opening of Case-Suzuki  On March 3, 2064, Dr. Neil Suzuki was being dishonorably discharged from the Navy due to radical beliefs. During this meeting, ten highly regarded military figures were assassinated. There was no solid evidence in the case, so even though Dr. Suzuki was presumed to be the shooter, he was deemed innocent.

        But for Admiral James E. Karner , this verdict was not enough. Through much persistance, he was able to reopen Case-Suzuki. As a leader of Segment FA-0129 , Karner is in charge of gathering evidence to prove that Suzuki was indeed guilty. But he soon realizes that there was a bigger problem. Dr. Suzuki has formed Conglomerate Suzuki, a radical group whose main mission is to overhaul the military. He hires Li Willis and Amy Martin to help gather evidence of Dr. Suzuki's radical group. Because all of this is happening during the Great War, Segment FA-0129 is to remain secretive, to avoid inducing panic because of neo-terrorism.

        During Amy's first mission, she comes across Maddie Cinder , who follows her back to the Future Agents base in Seattle, Washington. After she is caught, she is forced to become a member of Segment FA-0129. Together, she and Amy must stop Dr. Neil Suzuki and his wife, Mrs. Valerie Suzuki from overtaking the military and assassinating the President of the United States.
       Future Agents the Movie (FATM) will be divided into seven parts. This is a project I've been working on for the past 3 (4?) years, so my art has definitely improved since I first began animating it. Some of the art is just... bad... but I don't want to get in a cycle of redoing everything. I will admit though, the plot was the first thing I tackled, and my writing skills back in 8th grade weren't the greatest.

    Character sheets of the four main protagonists:
    Future Agents the Movie Tumblr_mk8ivkfyuV1s9wb3xo1_500
    Future Agents the Movie Tumblr_mk8iwkxbp31s9wb3xo1_500
    Future Agents the Movie Tumblr_mk8ixrt8BC1s9wb3xo1_500
    Future Agents the Movie Tumblr_mn8621Otll1s9wb3xo1_500

    Some videos from my YouTube channel:

        I use Paint Tool SAI, Google SketchUp, and Movie Studio (Basic version of Sony Vegas) for this project.
        The first part is almost complete. There are a lot of animations completed for other parts as well. The first part should be completed this summer if I work on it regularly.
    This project used to be a group project, but all of my collaborators have left for various reasons. They helped with lineart and base coloring, but up to this point, I have done everything else.

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