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    Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime


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    Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime Empty Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime

    Post by BanaPanties on Fri Mar 07, 2014 8:23 pm

    "Wings" is a magical girl fanime I'm working on.  It's a original take on the genre, not relying on 1 minute transformation sequences for padding, rather a princess tutu 10 second style:

    The girls are not based on colours nor elements, but do have colour schemes that may trick you to thinking as such (I chose certain 'spirit colours' for each one, it doesn't help the plot or anything, I just thought all one colour would look neat). Rather, a time of day or space/sky based advent.


    We have six magical girls and one of which is the 'leader'
    They are:

    Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime Super-Nova_zps988a67b1

    We also have (at this stage) one antagonist:

    -Black Hole

    (I'll post concept art later XD)


    Black-hole wishes to shroud the Earth in eternal night, thus killing all the plants and slowly destroying the human race!
    However, there is six magical girls with the blessings of the sky that can stop her! The girls must learn how to use their Wings and fast! But will they soar or fall hard?

    So that's it. Tell what you think, I'll post concept art and updates here Very Happy

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    Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime Empty Re: Wings: A New Magical Girl Fanime

    Post by MrPeakun on Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:56 am

    It certainly seems like an interesting concept! O:
    I like that there's no real scheme to their group, and the night/space/sky thing sounds very unique as well.
    Looking forward to it! :D

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